Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas
See Eddy Play Live for his birthday party this month!
Come to Space - in Evanston!! When: 7:00 pm
Where: SPACE, 1245 Chicago Ave. Evanston


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Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Happy Birthday

Happy New Year & Birthday Celebration
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Blues Hall of Fame!
EDDY CLEARWATER will be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on April 28th at Buddy Guys

See Eddy Clearwater Play Live!
Check the list below for a show date and time near you!
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterJanuary 19, 2013

Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterCelebrate Eddy's birthday at SpaceEddy -The Chief- ClearwaterEddy -The Chief- Clearwater
Evanston, IL - USA
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterApril 13, 2013 Saturday
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterTampa Bay Blues FestivalEddy -The Chief- ClearwaterEddy -The Chief- Clearwater
St. Petersburg, FL - USA
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterJune 22, 2013

Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterTippy Lake Country ClubEddy -The Chief- ClearwaterEddy -The Chief- Clearwater
Tippecanoe Lake Country Leesburg, IN
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterAugust 17, 2013 Friday
Eddy -The Chief- ClearwaterHot August BluesEddy -The Chief- ClearwaterEddy -The Chief- Clearwater
Cockeysville, MD - USA
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater

Eddy Clearwater and fellow Musicians give Buddy Guy
a Chicago Send-off to the Kennedy center Honors

Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas
Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas
Buddy Guy sat in the audience, along with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; and enjoyed the All Star lineup of Chicago Blues brothers including; The Brooks Family, Wayne, Ronnie & Legend Lonnie Baker Brooks, Jimmy Johnson, Todd Mohr (Big Head Todd), Kenny Kinsey and Paul Wertico. Enjoying the evening were great friends of Eddy, WXRT Radio's Norm Winer, Tom Marker and Terri Hemmert!

Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater
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Eddy -The Chief- Clearwater Jazz a Junas

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